Product Launch: It’s a Kind of Magic!

In the aftermath of a launch, the wonders of your fantastic new product can so easily be submerged in the raging seas of competition. A product launch is all about the splash – about creating an enduring awareness of your brand. So, however amazing the features and benefits of your product, it might be fair to say that in the overloaded minds of consumers, the memories made at a product launch will very likely soon sink out of sight.

The answer: create a connection, in the minds of your clients, between your brand and a memorable experience.

This is what Sean Goodman is so good at. His bespoke magic act will be woven into the presentation and promotion of your product, with tricks tailored to the taste and mind-set of your target market. Taglines, slogans, and references to your company and products will be incorporated into his act, making the magic very much a part of your brand, rather than a separate entity.

Sean’s adaptability is a valuable asset to his clients. His does not deliver a set routine, rigidly adhered to in spite of all that goes on around him. Sean’s magic is a service – a tool that can create magnificent results.

If you would like to talk to Sean about his services in the corporate sector, contact him via his website ( or by telephone (01493 733 661 / 07907 213 498).


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