An interesting dog walk!

It’s funny when lightbulb moments happen. A couple of days ago whilst walking with my excitable dog Hamish (he’s a cross between a Jack Russell and a Westie) I had a lightbulb moment.

Tick Tock is a routine which I currently perform and sell. It’s fab but is similar to other routines so it couldn’t be sold commercially. The sight of Hamish cocking his leg clearly got me thinking outside the box!

Can’t say too much about this new creation but I think it will do even better than my first creation Genetics.

Keelan from Magic Tricks will be coming down at the end of September to shoot the video so I’ll keep you posted so maybe you can pop along at the shoot!

Maybe Hamish can feature in it too!


Magic Club Meeting

Well for the first time in 7 years I attended the Anglia Magic Club meeting last night. It was the close up competition and it was nice to sit back and be entertained.

There were some excellent performances. Although she didn’t win there was a young lady just 12 years old called Katherine who in my eyes was the star of the evening. She performed classics such as the cups and balls, professors nightmare (rope trick!) and card in banana all with a confidence that made you smile. I’m sure her Mum and Dad in the audience were very proud.

Working as a magician can be lonely (ahhhh) so it was nice to meet up with others having the same strange love of magic!

A fun evening and I’ll be back (as Arnie said)!

My networking blog

My first experience with networking was over 7 years ago with the BNI Castle chapter in Norwich. I was invited by a friend and to say I was skeptical would be an understatement!

I was impressed. The whole concept of having lots of people from various different backgrounds all potentially promoting your business to others was, and is still fab. I watched in awe as referrals were passed amongst members, testimonials read out and business cards exchanged. Plus it was over breakfast so didn’t effect the rest of the day! So I joined.

Did it work for me? YES. Why did it work? I think it was because I really worked at it. I set a goal to each week book a one-to-one meeting with other members to find out more about them so I could refer them on easier. I found it easy to drop their names into conversations and actively listened for potential referrals on my magical travels. It took time but it was worth it. It’s not like popping an advert in a paper and then waiting for the phone to ring, with networking you had to work at it.

By helping others I found that it helped me in return. The catch phrase of the BNI of “Givers Gain” is certainly true.

My life took an about turn and then accepted a job! I then left the BNI but now I’m back to my true love – being a magician.

So now I think – do I rejoin the BNI? I went to my local Great Yarmouth chapter and saw that the BNI was still going strong. But there were now other networking opportunities to consider.

The BNI isn’t cheap. For me to join plus first year subs is over £600. Part of the membership is also a Minimum attendance requirement which for some can be additional stress. So what else?

Last week I attended my first Norfolk Wedding Business Club meeting. FANTASTIC!

Firstly all the attendees were specific to one customer group – weddings. Everyone therefore had a common interest. Secondly there is a small joining fee plus an attendance fee of £10 per meeting and you aren’t tied to any minimum attendance requirements. It was less formal than the BNI and didn’t have the referral passing on stage but nevertheless I saw plenty of business being done and close working relationships being developed. Am I going to join – you betcha! It was run in the evening too so no need to get up early either!

Whatever networking function you decide to attend please remember you need to work at it. People buy people and that is the beauty of networking.

Is networking worth it. I believe it is but you decide for yourself.

Genetics – fingers crossed!

How exciting…. The postman came the other day and there it was…. My trick, Genetics looking all grown up!

It’s weird when something you have been performing for years is then produced for other magicians to buy. There is a mixture of emotions – excitement and apprehension. Excitement because it’s your baby and you know how well it plays, and therefore hope that lots of other magicians will have lots of fun performing it – apprehension because magicians can be funny creatures!  One man’s hero is the other man’s villain! Time will tell. Anyway, my fingers are crossed and I hope it gets good reviews.

Keelan at MagicTricks is a genius with the camera and the PC!!!!

You can see it demo’ed at

Funny….. NOT!

Sometimes in my magical travels, people think they are being really funny by saying certain lines thinking no one has ever said them before! Here are a few

Can you make my wife disappear?
What will be the next lottery numbers?
Check your wallets/watches
Can make my £5 into a £50?
Can you make my hair appear?

And the killer

Why don’t you vanish (or words to that effect!)

Of course I have also heard magicians say some pretty crap lines too such as

Can I use your hand – no the clean one
What’s your name. (they say their name) Sorry? (they repeat) No I heard you the first time, just sorry
Let your mind go blank. That won’t take long
Haven’t I seen you on TV. Interference
We can a double act. I will be Lassie and you be a tree
Would you like to change your mind or are you happy with the one you have already?

No wonder some people cringe when a magician approaches them. Thankfully not all magicians use such moronic lines! For one that certainly doesn’t then give me a buzz!