A Magical Wedding

Why book a magician for your wedding?

With so many things to pay for at a wedding, why book a magician? It’s a good question isn’t it! Before looking at a few reasons, let me ask you a quick question…

If you think back to a wedding you went to, maybe over a year ago, what can you remember about that wedding? The flowers? The decorations? The cake? And dare I say  it…. The Dress? Hmmmmm, and yet all of these items cost lots of money and are considered essentials at a wedding and yet very few people actually remember them afterwards….

Now I’m not saying not to have these things at your wedding of course, but it’s just that when you have a magician at your wedding, the magic will generate emotional reactions and it’s these emotional reactions that will last in the memories of your guests forever.

So, here are a few reasons how having a magician at your wedding can really add magical memories of your special day:

shocked400Magic makes your wedding extra memorable – People love magic, and people remember things they love! TV and film  illustrates this perfectly with the numerous magical programmes from Dynamo,  Derren Brown, Penn and Teller and not forgetting Harry Potter!!! Magic helps to create truly magical memories.

Magic will keep the guests entertained during periods of inactivity – When the photographs are being taken, there is a lot of hanging around for the guests.  Having a magician circulating is a really cool way of keeping all the guests entertained during this period, which adds to their enjoyment of the day.

Magic will get everyone chatting – One of the worries of the Bride and Groom is will everyone get on with each other at the wedding breakfast. Strangers sat around a table for around 2 hours can be an uncomfortable experience!  Indeed, rather than engaging in conversation with a stranger, it’s often much easier just to go on the phone and look at Facebook etc! Not ideal. Having a magician performing at each table during the wedding breakfast will get everyone around the table involved in the magic, break the ice and will lead to everyone chatting with each other afterwards. Laughter and applause will fill the room, adding to a great atmosphere – no awkward silence!

WOW he's amazing!!!

WOW he’s amazing!!!

Keep the children entertained – Children can get bored at weddings. A magician will certainly keep them occupied! A great time in particular is to do a show for the children during the speeches – lets the adults relax and listen to the Groom’s kind words, whilst the children enjoy some magic.

Of course booking a magician costs money – but what will people remember more…. A few balloons to decorate the room, or a top quality magician? Why not add a little extra magic to your day! Sean Goodman Wedding Magician


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