Solar Panels

On the same day it was announced that the Electricity companies were raising prices again (greedy ……), then Mr Magic has Solar Panels installed!

Why bother?

Well firstly it reduces how much electricity you draw from the electricity companies. Of course over time the unit cost of electricity will only increase so happy days! Secondly you are also paid for the electricity that you generate – 16p per unit at the moment. This price is index linked and guaranteed for 20 years. Thirdly your EPC (energy performance certificate) rating improves – good news if you did consider selling in the future. And of course you are being Eco friendly!

Is it expensive?

When Solar PV first emerged it was expensive to install. Now prices have plummeted so it’s much more cost effective. My system is a baby 2kW job and cost under £3k with a payback of around 5 years expected.

How quick was it installed?

It took just a day. Jamie and Tony from Green Solar Footprint were superb! No mess no stress! 8 x 250 watt panels on the roof, inverter popped in the loft job done!

I can monitor how much electricity it is producing on my PC and also on my iPhone via a free app – cool 😄

Laura was worried how they would look but she was pleasantly surprised. The panels are all black so don’t stand out like a sore thumb!

So it’s a big thumbs up for Solar PV and a big two fingers to Scottish Power LOL.