Tried that Gym and it didn’t work….

Ever met someone who said they had tried that “BNI thing”, but it didn’t work for them? The likelihood is YES! The truth is that BNI will work for ANY BUSINESS but not for EVERY PERSON

For example, there could be a Plumber in a Chapter who is doing really well, but another in a different Chapter who isn’t. So what’s the difference? IT’S THE PERSON – not the BNI System. 

However it’s never the person’s fault, well not in their eyes. It’s like someone moaning that a diet didn’t work for them – any diet will work, so long as you follow the diet!!!

If someone complained that they tried several Gyms, but none of them worked – they simply didn’t make them get fitter, what question might you ask? Perhaps;

Well, how did you use the Gym? How often did you go? Did you follow the plan that had been explained to you?

Good questions. What do you think the answers would be?????

Regarding BNI it’s exactly the same. BNI has been developed over the past 30 years and is a proven system that will help build any business using referral marketing as long as you follow the system. 

Is it difficult or complicated? No but it does take time and effort and some people are simply not prepared to put that time and effort into using the BNI system for a variety of reasons. 

So the next time you hear someone complaining about how BNI didn’t work for them, try asking the following questions;

  • How many 121’s did you do?
  • How many trainings did you attend?
  • How much business were you thanked for?
  • How many referrals did you pass?
  • How many testimonials did you give?
  • How many visitors did you bring to the Chapter?
  • Did you attend your meetings?
  • Did you prepare your weekly presentation so it was different each week and was specific in asking for referrals?
  • Were you a 90 minute member? 
  • Did you take an active role in your Chapter by volunteering to do roles?

In conclusion, it’s easy to point the finger of blame elsewhere isn’t it, but often we fail to look at the primary cause – OURSELVES


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