Product Launch: It’s a Kind of Magic!

In the aftermath of a launch, the wonders of your fantastic new product can so easily be submerged in the raging seas of competition. A product launch is all about the splash – about creating an enduring awareness of your brand. So, however amazing the features and benefits of your product, it might be fair to say that in the overloaded minds of consumers, the memories made at a product launch will very likely soon sink out of sight.

The answer: create a connection, in the minds of your clients, between your brand and a memorable experience.

This is what Sean Goodman is so good at. His bespoke magic act will be woven into the presentation and promotion of your product, with tricks tailored to the taste and mind-set of your target market. Taglines, slogans, and references to your company and products will be incorporated into his act, making the magic very much a part of your brand, rather than a separate entity.

Sean’s adaptability is a valuable asset to his clients. His does not deliver a set routine, rigidly adhered to in spite of all that goes on around him. Sean’s magic is a service – a tool that can create magnificent results.

If you would like to talk to Sean about his services in the corporate sector, contact him via his website ( or by telephone (01493 733 661 / 07907 213 498).


Like Moths to a Flame … Sean Works his Magic at Trade Exhibitions

We recently hired Sean to work on our stand at a medical conference. Not only was his magic superb but he was also both very funny and professional. His dialogue was perfectly adjusted to suit our market and he even managed to make up tricks on the day involving our merchandise. We’ve already booked him for our events next year and would highly recommend him to other businesses.

These words from the Marketing Director of a medical recruitment agency are testimony to the power of Sean’s bespoke magical performance. At trade shows and exhibitions, Sean will draw individuals to your stand with tantalising magic, forming a little crowd, which, like all little crowds, soon grows into a larger crowd. Your stall is now at the centre of attention.

Incorporating your product into his magic, Sean acts as a part of your sales team. Long after the exhibition, when competing brands have been forgotten, your own brand will be inextricably connected, in the minds of many, with the magic that happened at your stall. This feedback was kindly shared by one of Sean’s clients: I phoned your company because it was the one I remembered – probably something to do with the magician!

The attention Sean draws has value, of course, in terms of proximity: an audience has landed in your lap! But Sean goes that extra mile by focusing his routines and effects on your goods or services, providing a natural progression from the initial raw entertainment through to real promotion. This performance is all about your product rather than his own.

Sean, who is a full member of the Magic Circle, is a respected authority in his field: he’s a regular speaker at conferences for those in the magic industry, and his own magic products are purchased and used by professional magicians all over the world.

If you would like to talk to Sean about his services in the corporate sector, contact him via his website ( or by telephone (01493 733 661 / 07907 213 498).