Mrs Magic’s iPad

So on Friday Mrs Magic brings home an iPad, wrapped in a cute green folder. Ahhhhh. So what’s Mr Magic’s opinion of this super trendy piece of tech? Read on!

Firstly I must stress this is an impartial view. I possess an iPhone and a couple of PCs so have a foot in both camps.

What’s good then? Well it is cool. If you wanna be cool too then this is a definite fashion accessory. Slim and simple, unlike me! The display is superb as is the ease of scrolling around with just your finger. The cat has eaten the mouse! 🐹 Those who already have an iPhone or iPad will immediately feel at home as the apps are the same as is the simple navigation system.

Web browsing is a breeze and apps are fast to load and use. Great for viewing pictures and videos too due to the fab display.

Shall I stop there?


So what about the negatives?

PRICE. It’s expensive to be cool but I guess designer clothes prove that sometimes price simply isn’t an issue for many people. When you compare the performance of a simple netbook that costs around £200 to our funky iPad there is no contest sorry. But the netbook isn’t cool. It’s small sure but not cool. But it is under half the price!

Of course the iPad is limited to Apple authorised apps but there are lots of them.

You can’t Bluetooth to non apple devices.

You can’t plug in USB devices unless you buy a USB conversion cable.

You have to iTunes for transferring everything which is a pain. Can’t just plug in a USB memory stick and drag and drop stuff like on a PC. No no no. A real challenge.

And therefore all your music has to be downloaded via iTunes. Don’t even think about filesharing!

So in summary. It’s great for surfing the web, getting emails, playing games, watching videos (not via external USB DVD drive though!) and above all looking cool.

But a netbook does this and more!

I guess an iPad is like owning a Mini. A Mini is cool but expensive for what you get. A bit like popstars wearing shades when there’s no sun out – pointless but it’s all about being cool.


Happy swinger!

No this isn’t a post about chucking car keys on the table! I guess many will now stop reading!

Had my first round of golf the other day for at least three months and was expecting the worst. At least the sun was shining at Dunstan Hall and I had a fab price of just £12.50 for the round so things looked good.

Managed to actually hit the first tee shot in a straight line and it went forward, but sadly in the wrong direction. Not too bad though and ended up with a bogey 5.

It felt good to be striding up the fairway again – the sun on my back and the ball going roughly where it was being told to go.

Amazingly I managed 3 birdies which is a record for me! Golf is a funny game isn’t it. We always focus on the positives in golf, unlike most situations in life.

The negatives? Well yes there were a few but who cares! It was great to be out making all the rabbits scramble for cover.

Next is Barnham Broom for a posh celebrity golf day. Should be fun. Hope the sun shines again and the putter performs some more magic 😄