Jailbreaking your iPhone – is it worth it?

Here’s my quick blog on my findings after jailbreaking my iPhone (also done my daughter’s two iPods as well!).

How? – Easy peesy! And it’s totally legal. First upgrade to the latest iOS (5.1.1) and back up your iPhone on iTunes. Then you need to download some software called absinthe-win-2.0.1. Plenty of sources, just search on Google. Connect your iPhone and run the software – job done! You will then see a new App installed called Cydia – this is the jailbreaked version of the App store.


iPhone using Dreamboard

What have I installed?

Apps to make your iPhone look different – Once your iPhone has been jail-broken, you can change the appearance in many ways. Dreamboard lets you dramatically change how your iPhone looks – no longer are you restricted to the iPhone grid! If you look at the carrier, it say’s Mr Magic… This was done using FakeCarrier where you can replace your carrier name to whatever you want! You may notice that the font is also different – yes you can change the fonts easily – mine is Nova Round Font which was installed using BytaFont. There are other ways you can change the way your iPhone looks too. WinterBoard lets you choose numerous different themes as does IconHarvester. If you install Barrel, you can customise how your screen changes when you swipe across to change which app icon page you look at – when I do this, all my icons twirl as you swipe across, it looks very cool!!!!You can also change how your lockscreen looks too – Slider Pro lets you change loads of stuff – I’ve changed the colour of the fonts, date format, slider image and when charging, the battery spins around! LabelSlide let’s you have any text in your slider. Rather than the words “Slide to unlock”, I’ve got “Sean’s iPhone”.

Emails – one of my pet hates of the iPhone is the inability to delete multiple emails – well now you can! DeleteMail lets you delete multiple emails with three clicks. Love it. Using AnyAttach you can also add attachments to your emails sent via Mail, rather than having to send the attachments separately which is a pain. With ColorKeyboard you can change how your keyboard looks too! In fact there are lots of other apps to let you do this as well.

Bluetooth – A real pain with the iPhone is that Apple won’t let you bluetooth files. With AirBlue you now can!!!

Free music downloadsMusicbox lets you download music FREE!!!!! Nice.

Music as RingtoneUnlimTones lets you make your own ringtone from any music file

SBSettings is a cool App which lets you swipe to quickly change useful settings such as turning on/off bluetooth, wifi, airplane mode, 3G etc.

iFile lets you navigate through your iPhone’s directories and change stuff.

Cyntact lets you show profile pictures in your contact lists.

Installous is a wicked app that lets you download BitTorrent files for all sorts of applications – I got Tom Tom through this!!!

There are lots and lots of other stuff but this is what I’ve got on my iPhone. Is it worth jailbreaking your phone? I say YES, but you decide. The iPhone is a great phone and jailbreaking makes it even better.


Party Tips!

Party Tips

Here are some ideas to help you make a truly magical party…

Tip 1 – Keep the parents QUIET… Their noise can often spoil the show by making it impossible for the children to concentrate on the show.

Tip 2 – Time the party correctly. The best times are 11 – 1 or 12 – 2 because the children are fresh, they will eat at the “normal” lunch time and it lets the parents enjoy the rest of the day. If this time isn’t available, go for 4 – 6. Avoid 2 – 4….. Kills the whole day and the children arrive already fed and watered!

Tip 3 – Put the food in Party Boxes… This saves time, money and mess!!!

Tip 4 – Organise a place near to the entrance where the presents can be put. This stops any latecomers disturbing the show by trying to hand over their present to the Birthday Child.

Tip 5 – For the food, sandwiches are boring for kids… They much prefer hot stuff like pizza, sausages, nuggets e.t.c. Pre-heat the food and warm it up just before serving.

Tip 6 – For party sizes of over 20 children, book a hall, unless you live in a large house!

Tip 7 – If you decide to do the games yourself, make sure that all the children receive prizes not just one or two – this can result in potential tears!!!

Tip 8 – Keep balloons off the floor! Although kids love balloons, they also love running after, and kicking them! For a nice calm party, stick the balloons on the wall and hand them out at the end…

Tip 9BOOK THE ENTERTAINER BEFORE BOOKING THE HALL. A good entertainer makes the party, not the hall!!!

These tips really do work, and I hope help you with your preparations. Good Luck!!!

If you’re looking for a magician for your party, then check out Sean’s website at www.simplymagic.co.uk