Sweets or Magic?

Trade show and exhibitions are used by many businesses to generate leads, sales and market themselves. Sadly though these can be expensive, not just in terms of the initial costs in booking the stand, construction and manning costs but also simply that not enough passing delegates actually get on their stand and therefore missing sales opportunities.

Missed opportunities cannot be quantified, but wouldn’t it simply be better to draw more people into your stand, and keep them there?

Well having a magician on your stand could help maximise your trade show investment.

Draw in customers

There are two ways where a magician can do this. Firstly by interacting with passers by with close up magic and keeping them on the stand until the next sales agent becomes available. Secondly, by doing a short stand up show to build a crowd around the stand.

Emotion is a strong selling tool

Top quality magic creates an emotional memory which lasts. If therefore the magic can be linked to the clients goods or services, then the customer will have a strong emotional memory of the magic and the associated goods and services. Particularly if the customer can take away something which has formed part of this magical experience to reinforce the message.

Of course in the ideal world, the magician should also have sales skills themselves.

So what do think. A bowl of sweets or some magic to draw people onto your stand? You decide.


An interesting dog walk!

It’s funny when lightbulb moments happen. A couple of days ago whilst walking with my excitable dog Hamish (he’s a cross between a Jack Russell and a Westie) I had a lightbulb moment.

Tick Tock is a routine which I currently perform and sell. It’s fab but is similar to other routines so it couldn’t be sold commercially. The sight of Hamish cocking his leg clearly got me thinking outside the box!

Can’t say too much about this new creation but I think it will do even better than my first creation Genetics.

Keelan from Magic Tricks will be coming down at the end of September to shoot the video so I’ll keep you posted so maybe you can pop along at the shoot!

Maybe Hamish can feature in it too!

Magic Club Meeting

Well for the first time in 7 years I attended the Anglia Magic Club meeting last night. It was the close up competition and it was nice to sit back and be entertained.

There were some excellent performances. Although she didn’t win there was a young lady just 12 years old called Katherine who in my eyes was the star of the evening. She performed classics such as the cups and balls, professors nightmare (rope trick!) and card in banana all with a confidence that made you smile. I’m sure her Mum and Dad in the audience were very proud.

Working as a magician can be lonely (ahhhh) so it was nice to meet up with others having the same strange love of magic!

A fun evening and I’ll be back (as Arnie said)!