Spirit of Enterprise Awards 2015

Sean Goodman Magician

Ta dah!!!!


WOW. I’ve been shortlisted down to the final 3 in the Best New Business category in the Spirit of Enterprise Awards (SOEA) 2015. To say I’m pleased is an understatement!

One of the major reasons for this excitement is that often people don’t actually perceive being a professional magician as a “proper business”. Indeed, I’m often asked;

“So what do you do in your day job?”

Funny isn’t it! I guess it’s because everyone just has this mental image of being a magician is just a bit of fun. Well of course, it is fun – I’m very fortunate to be able to earn a living doing something that I love. However like any business, it must generate enough money (dirty word) to pay the bills and create a health work/life balance.

What people don’t see is that behind the façade of being a magician lives a businessman. My business can be broken down into three parts;

  • Performance – providing magical entertainment at weddings, corporate events and private parties
  • Franchise – developing the unique Squiggle Magic franchise
  • The Magic Market – creating and selling magic to the worldwide magical community

My application to the SOEA highlighted each of these three aspects of my business, and having been interviewed thereafter, the respective judge commented on how surprised he was!  I am thankful that he took the time to dig deeper into my business and to shortlist me.

Well the big day is on the 20th November at Great Yarmouth Town Hall. The result isn’t important – being shortlisted is. I’m really looking forward to the evening, and being able to celebrate with my wife Laura and daughters Sabrina and Kelly is the icing on the cake.

Magic on!


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